Wednesday, January 28, 2009


     This San Diego based brand is up and coming and has gained much
recognitionin the local skateboarding community. Crem De La Crem (CDLC)
has a unique style of designs that are very type driven. As opposed to
designs with background clutter, or heavily inked prints, the clean look
is very suiting to the name which is defined as the most elite or
preferable part of something. This is a new angle to hit the consumers
with in the action sports industry.

     You can purchase CDLC in various skate shops in Southern California such
as Street Machine located in downtown San Diego, or Versus Inland Empire
in Temecula, California. Or directly online at
Check out the new promo video shot and designed by CDLC...

Crem De La Crem 2008 HD from CDLC on Vimeo.

Crem De La Crem

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